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Infinity Works Co., Ltd.

With over 15 years of experience in testing and measurement software development, we research, develop and produce technologies related to electric vehicle chargers. 


We have a corporate research institute and our own production plant, and we have a high level of research personnel to develop our own technology and produce products.

Starting with Korea's first portable fast charger (DC Combo) with lithium-ion polymer, we have developed 100kW and 50kW fast chargers (minsu/public), 7kW non-public slow chargers, and portable charger inspection equipment that meet KEPCO's specifications.

Currently, we have installed and operated a test bed for electric vehicle chargers in Uijeongbu, and we are conducting a charging business by installing a fast charger and a slow charger developed and produced by ourselves in Kensington Resort Seorak Valley.

In addition, the development of 7 kW common slow chargers, 50 kW dual fast chargers, and 200 kW dual fast chargers is in the final stages.
We are conducting product development and certification for overseas exports such as the United States, Japan, India, and Europe.   

Infinity Works will continue to do its best to develop and produce electric vehicle chargers that are recognized not only in Korea but also abroad.  


Infinity Works will do the best to satisfy our customers with advanced technology and high quality.

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Research performance


development performance


Patent certification



Company History

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Advancement of technological competitiveness

"Technical Verification and Development"

Development of 60V- 30A Bipolar voltage drop simulator to verify electrical stability of high-voltage electric components for XEV (Small and Medium Business Administration)

Vehicle AVN (Infotainment) RF Recorder & Player Development

(LG Electronics, German subsidiary)


Development of TPMS Field wireless measurement reliability evaluation equipment (Kia Motors)


Development of smart key and ECU HILs reliability evaluation system (Seoyeon Electronics)

High wind resistance drone system capable of safe flight under wind speed conditions of up to 13m/s

Development (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

Korea's first development of smart battery for drones


Development of electric vehicle battery (Li-ion) ultrasonic welding tester (LG Chem)


Development of electric vehicle battery (Li-ion) pressure tester (LG Chem)

Established Infinity Works Co., Ltd.

Jeju Smart Grid Status Diagnosis System, Guri ESS, Gwanggyo GSBC,

Hong Kong Power Authority 1mW class EMS system and condition diagnosis system (Hyosung Co., Ltd.)

TPMS/Smart key wireless measurement system development (Continental Automotive)

Development of OBCM/SPIM/RESS GMW3172 electric vehicle reliability measurement system (LG Electronics)

BMS European LV124 electric vehicle reliability tester development (Samsung SDI)

OBCM (onboard charger) / SPIM (inverter) / E-COMP North American electric vehicles

Production line automation tester development” (LG Electronics)


전기자동차 검사장비_1.png





Installation of 50kW Dual Fast Charger and 7kW Public Charger to Jihyo Elementary School in Gyeonggi-do​

Amazon Europe seller registration, product sales

I² CHARGER brand launched, European trademark registration

Product development and certification for overseas export to

the US, Japan, India, Europe, etc.

​Acquired ISO 9001 certification for quality management system


​Kensington Resort Seorak Valley charger installation and charging business in progress

Development of 7kW public charger for electric vehicles 

Development of charging type outlet for electric vehicle 7kW

Development of 50kW Dual Fast Charger for Electric Vehicle

Development of 200kW Dual Fast Charger for Electric Vehicle

CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 Exhibitor in Las Vegas, USA

Development of 100kW Fast charger for electric vehicles

(DM Power, Wigit)

​Electric vehicle charger test bed installation and operation (Uijeongbu)

7kW Home Charger acquired KC certification and 

CE certification


Development of 7kW Home Charger for electric vehicle

Development of 50kW, 100kW Fast Charger for electric

vehicles (Omni System)


PyeongChang Winter Olympic Torch Relay Drone Use of our FCC (Hanwha Techwin)


Air/ground hybrid robot system development (National Defense Science Research Institute, Civil Military Cooperation Foundation)

Development of 350-class all-in-one low-cost drone

(Ministry of Small and Medium Business Ventures)


"Expanding the application of new innovative technologies"

Full-scale external growth

Development of electric vehicle fast(slow) charger inspection equipment (Jeju Electric Vehicle Service)

Development of 20kW Portable Charger for electric vehicle

(Jeju Electric Vehicle Service)



Entry into the renewable energy market

"Establish basic technology"

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