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Rejection of unauthorized e-mail collection

Refuse to collect the e-mail addresses posted on this website without permission using e-mail collection programs or other technical devices;

Please note that violations of this will result in criminal punishment under the Network Act.

Article 50-2 (Prohibition of Unauthorized Collection of E-mail Addresses, etc.)

1. Any program or program that automatically collects e-mail addresses from the Internet homepage without prior consent of the Internet homepage operator or administrator

E-mail addresses shall not be collected using other technical devices.

2. No one shall sell or distribute e-mail addresses collected in violation of Paragraph 1.

3. No one shall use the e-mail address for information transmission knowing that it is an e-mail address prohibited from collection, sale and distribution pursuant to Paragraphs 1 and 2.

According to the provisions of Article 50-2, a fine of not more than 10 million won is prohibited.

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